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Suitcase Drama

I packed my suitcase for the second time around. Luckily for me a volcano hasn't decided to erupt and ruin my holiday (touch wood, cross my toes, horse shoes and all that) for the second time. My bedroom then became chaos, a complete mess of every piece of clothing that I have ever owned. I had found some pieces that I haven't even worn before - bought for whatever reason and thrown into the back of the cupboard to wait for a time like this. Packing for a 3 week long holiday is a lot harder then it sounds, you might be a person who just shoves majority of what you own in your suitcase with out a care or you might just find leaving half your wardrobe behind a much less stressful event then I do.
Alas I managed to finish packing  5 hours later then it hit me, What the fuck am I going to wear to the airport? 

I'm not Mary-Kate or Ashley so bustling around airports in wedges and sunglasses would be totally inappropriate and I don't own a great deal, infact any comfortable clothes that I would be willing to travel 19 hours around the world in. An few hours and a few pounds later I had solved this problem in a way totally unexpected from me. 
Harem Pants.
I'm not a huge fan of trousers let alone oversized crotched, ankle hugging harem pants. Although a friend of mine wore them a few weeks ago, She looked amazingly comfortable and cute. They where comfortable and flattering  as well (I tend to stuff my face on flights to pass the time). I'm planning on pairing them with my black t-shirt, a comfy jumper, some sandals, sunglasses and a huge bag. Airport chic. Maybe?
This Eyemask is so perfect - Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
I wish I had an old school suitcase as well although I can't imagine it being much fun to pull around from terminal to terminal.

1. The Row 2. Gap 3. Pringle of Scotland 4. Apple Itouch 5. Fredflare.com 6. Number Six (sunglasses) 7. Wildfox Couture 8. Net-A-Porter.com 9. Globe Trotter 10. Net-A-Porter.com

P.S how cute are these booties from Boohoo?

  I'm loving the colour especially with summer nudes. 
'good find katie morris ;)'

top images from weheartit.com



Head scarf - Permanently  Borrowed, Nail Colour - Barry M Pale Blue Lipstick - Revlon Top Tomato,  Shirt - H&M.
Taken using my shoddy web cam which is why I am 'pixelated'


1. Get a job to fund all these clothes and shoes I keep lusting after.
2. (When I have passed my test) Go on loads of random road trips to random places with good friends.
3. Have a movie marathon on a rainy day of all the film's you claim to have watched - But haven't.
4. Get a few more tattoo's.
5. Save up for something extraordinary.
6. Fill a new sketch book with drawing's, design's and photograph's.
7. Dip-Dye the ends of my hair an odd colour for reading festival. (just for that weekend) .
8. Go out for breakfast more rather then dinner.
9. Make my designs into dresses. 
10. Throw a crazy themed fancy dress birthday party.
(11. Go to an outdoor cinema screening)



Model: Sara Blomqvist
Photography: Richard Burbridge
Images from the New York Times Style Magazine & front-row-veiw.com



A photo-collection of leopard print - by far my favourite print. Shamefully I don't own enough of it.
My leopard print coat has been a favourite of mine for over a year now - I wish I could wear it everyday. 
It was this very shot of Edie Sedgwick who made me buy it and I have never looked back since...


Short, Shorts.

My wishlist of clothing just keeps being made longer and longer, but I really need some of these to add to my massive hosiery collection. I'm not 100% sure on the actually name of these things - biker shorts I believe they are called (but I think very very short, almost pointless leggings might cut it for most). The thought of them first seemed a bit bizarre and the look of them to be really honest but the trick is wearing them right, Otherwise you look like an 11 year old wearing leggings far to short for them. 

They look great layered over tights and under a loose dress, Alexa Chung style or under shorts preferably black or denim and for the really brave you can try with the printed ones under a vintage or plain t-shirt. Happy Styling.

Images from lookbook.nu


new name, link, whatever. remember it

Latest Buy's - These are my beloved new wedges/boots (which are already filthy) and my new sheer, oversized shirt which I got from H&M during my London trip yesterday. Didn't get any snaps- spent far to much time walking around or battling through Topshop & other stores. I could have spent a fortune in the lingerie section in Topshop so many gorgeous bodices and bralets, Also found the perfect leopard print leotard which is being bought ASAP.    

(Can't wait to get my hands on a decent camera to start taking better photographs maybe even a few outfit posts)

After looking at the Coachella festival photographs I am v.v.excited about reading festival this year - Anyone want to come to Lovebox with me aswell? These are my favourite outfits that I found besides the obvious festival styles of alexa chung, mischa barton,daisie lowe and whitney port this year who all looked amazing.

images from: i have shamefully forgotten.



Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days - I have been out & about a lot.
Today I thought I'd write a quick one as I'm dying my hair and have nothing to do for 20 minutes. I got my wedges through y'day & wore them to lunch, looking incredible tall & overdress; just how I like to be. I have a feeling they will be worn out A LOT this summer; I apologise for no photo's of them but I haven't brought a new camera just yet :(

In brighter new's I'm going up to London today for a friends audition which only means lots of soya lattes and lots of shopping. Will attempted to take a few shoddy pictures on my blackberry to share with you.

See you tomorrow with all the stories & buys.


To The Max

Maxi Dresses.

 To be quite frank I used to hate the idea of wearing one of these - I'm never normally seen in anything above the knee but recently I have really wanted one. 
For during the day I think they can look elegant and they are oh so comfortable. Topshop (i know again) & Oasis have some t-shirt style maxi-dresses in store which are fit well and come in a range of colours and prints. Along with my other favourite maxi's which are by Chloe and Alexander Wang. 
I would wear mine with some chunky wooden wedges and jewellery, Or with some black laceup boots and vintage inspired jewellery, maybe even a headband and blazer for evening wear. I'm not yet brave enough to go 'all-out' and wear a super detailed one as I think the length should the main feature so keeping the dresses simple and adding small but important accessories is the way to go. These are my best picks...





Halson Heritage

T by Alexander Wang


Roses In The Dark

My wish list for today doesn't seem to have differed much compared to others; I'm still lusting over cliché Topshop floral's and Vintage looking bags. I love the collared play suit would be cute to wear to summer BBQ's or for nights out with a good choice of accessories. The leopard print bra is also a favourite piece for wearing under sheer shirts or just alone with something high waisted - although I'm still trying to find a leotard alternative to last years D&G one. Sadly its becoming increasingly difficult. 
The YSL rings are so yummy - they almost look like sweeties for your hands. It breaks my heart that I don't own one!

Sadly my flight to Capetown tomorrow looks as if its going to have to be rescheduled which is so frustrating :(
At least I'll be around to finally welcome some new wedges into my life. 

top images: 1. Vintage  2,3,4. YSL 5. Vintage 6. ASOS.com 7. Topshop 8. Topshop 9. Urban Outfitters 10. Urban Outfitters 11. Unknown? 12. Vivianne Westwood 13. Sam Edelman 14. Topshop
Bottom images from chockershoes.co.uk


Unmistakeably these are the shoes from the late Alexander McQueen's autumn/winter 2010/2011 collection which was shown during Paris Fashion Week this year. The collection itself was breathtaking, as expected, but I think these shoes are truly magical. The inspiration for the collection is the 'art of the dark ages', Mcqueen was taken by the idea of finding light and beauty in the dark collections of art. I think these themes have inspired some of the most amazing dresses and footwear - I would give anything to own the last pair, infact fuck it, I want every pair.

images from TFS



It doesn't really get much better then 4 very well dressed french girls all making some very cool music. Their style reflects all of this which is why they are the main reason for my obsession with brogues and fringes. 

video from youtube, images from various sites.


Favourite Friday.

I remember reading about Sonia Rykiel in December 2008's issue of ID Magazine and instantly falling in love. I admired and I still admire her use of colour, shape and fabrics. 

Her first boutique was opened in 1968 in Paris and this is the year that she also launched her first collection. Since then she has received multiple award and launched other Rykiel lines including a children's line in 1989, Menswear in 1990, Lingerie in 2004 & Collaborating with H&M in 2009. Sonia Rykiel is known as the 'Queen Of Knits' for her brilliant use of knitwear in every collection. Her designs have been winners on the catwalk every year and they are worn by stars such as Lily Allen and Dita Von Teese. Her use of playful colours, sheer fabric's and accessories (bowler hats, flowers and show girl style feathers for example) are what make Sonia Rykiel one of my favourite cliché designers and inspirations. 

images from vogue.com & other sites