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Latest Buy's - These are my beloved new wedges/boots (which are already filthy) and my new sheer, oversized shirt which I got from H&M during my London trip yesterday. Didn't get any snaps- spent far to much time walking around or battling through Topshop & other stores. I could have spent a fortune in the lingerie section in Topshop so many gorgeous bodices and bralets, Also found the perfect leopard print leotard which is being bought ASAP.    

(Can't wait to get my hands on a decent camera to start taking better photographs maybe even a few outfit posts)

After looking at the Coachella festival photographs I am v.v.excited about reading festival this year - Anyone want to come to Lovebox with me aswell? These are my favourite outfits that I found besides the obvious festival styles of alexa chung, mischa barton,daisie lowe and whitney port this year who all looked amazing.

images from: i have shamefully forgotten.

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Phi Elixir Webber Gant said...

omg you have the boots :) so fricking jealous!!