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Suitcase Drama

I packed my suitcase for the second time around. Luckily for me a volcano hasn't decided to erupt and ruin my holiday (touch wood, cross my toes, horse shoes and all that) for the second time. My bedroom then became chaos, a complete mess of every piece of clothing that I have ever owned. I had found some pieces that I haven't even worn before - bought for whatever reason and thrown into the back of the cupboard to wait for a time like this. Packing for a 3 week long holiday is a lot harder then it sounds, you might be a person who just shoves majority of what you own in your suitcase with out a care or you might just find leaving half your wardrobe behind a much less stressful event then I do.
Alas I managed to finish packing  5 hours later then it hit me, What the fuck am I going to wear to the airport? 

I'm not Mary-Kate or Ashley so bustling around airports in wedges and sunglasses would be totally inappropriate and I don't own a great deal, infact any comfortable clothes that I would be willing to travel 19 hours around the world in. An few hours and a few pounds later I had solved this problem in a way totally unexpected from me. 
Harem Pants.
I'm not a huge fan of trousers let alone oversized crotched, ankle hugging harem pants. Although a friend of mine wore them a few weeks ago, She looked amazingly comfortable and cute. They where comfortable and flattering  as well (I tend to stuff my face on flights to pass the time). I'm planning on pairing them with my black t-shirt, a comfy jumper, some sandals, sunglasses and a huge bag. Airport chic. Maybe?
This Eyemask is so perfect - Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
I wish I had an old school suitcase as well although I can't imagine it being much fun to pull around from terminal to terminal.

1. The Row 2. Gap 3. Pringle of Scotland 4. Apple Itouch 5. Fredflare.com 6. Number Six (sunglasses) 7. Wildfox Couture 8. Net-A-Porter.com 9. Globe Trotter 10. Net-A-Porter.com

P.S how cute are these booties from Boohoo?

  I'm loving the colour especially with summer nudes. 
'good find katie morris ;)'

top images from weheartit.com

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