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Winner of the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund 2010 

His AW 10/11 Collection at LFW this year was STUNNING - as all his previous has been.
He is most famous for his use unusual colour choices and his use of digital floral patterns,
 which have been seen on starlets such as Kiara Knightly, Chloe Sevigny & Ashley Olsen.

W Magazine Aug 2009


Lazy July Days in Paris

I want all of this. 
I can not wait to go to Paris later on this year. 
Hopefully building my summer wardrobe to have this kinda look,
 If I don't become bankrupt along the way. 
Because lets be honest the Miu Miu shoes & Mulberry bag belong on the wish list.

1. Oversized Alexa Mulberry Bag - Mulberry 2.  Vintage Silk Bralet - Topshop 3. Miu Miu Satin Heels - Miu Miu 4. Aran Natural Cardigan - Coggles.com 5. Necklace - Modcloth.com 6. YSL Arty Ring - Brownsfashion.com 7. Necklace - startlondon.com 8. Tights - Topshop 9. Clarks Desert Boots - asos.com 10. Socks - Topshop 11. Denim Shorts - Miss Selfridges 12. Vintage Velvet Bag - Mysugarland.co.uk


Golden Touch.

Hi my name is Jordan & I'm addicted gold necklaces.

Images are shite because I cleverly put my high heel through my camera so it doesn't work properly. 


images from tumblr.com 

Summer Prep

I can not stop my self from wanting a pair of amazing wedges to wear this summer. 
Ofcourse being me I am opting for a black pair.
Must save up!


avec l'amour

Morning, As I spend most of my Saturday mornings
 exploring through fashion blogs, I thought it might be time to give into the hype start my own (for the second time around - expect this time i promise to stick at it)...So welcome to my new Fashion Blog.

You might want to know a bit about me? Firstly my name is Jordan Beauchamp & I'm 18. To get the boring bits out the way I live in a small town which I can't wait to leave, I don't have a job and yes, I love fashion, art, music and everything else that is entails. 
I'm using this blog as kind of a journal for fashion and my everyday style. I guess each post will be inspired by things that inspire me from photographs to outfit's to whereeveritendsup. As a warning I'll tell you that my camera sadly broke so outfit posts won't be for a while & my writing is diabolical at the moment as it's been 2 years since I have written anything substantial. 

All of that aside, I hope that this blog inspires you and you enjoy it.   
JB x

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