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To The Max

Maxi Dresses.

 To be quite frank I used to hate the idea of wearing one of these - I'm never normally seen in anything above the knee but recently I have really wanted one. 
For during the day I think they can look elegant and they are oh so comfortable. Topshop (i know again) & Oasis have some t-shirt style maxi-dresses in store which are fit well and come in a range of colours and prints. Along with my other favourite maxi's which are by Chloe and Alexander Wang. 
I would wear mine with some chunky wooden wedges and jewellery, Or with some black laceup boots and vintage inspired jewellery, maybe even a headband and blazer for evening wear. I'm not yet brave enough to go 'all-out' and wear a super detailed one as I think the length should the main feature so keeping the dresses simple and adding small but important accessories is the way to go. These are my best picks...





Halson Heritage

T by Alexander Wang


kirstyb said...

there are some gorge ones around just now! xx

Lauren Goddard said...

I need a super cool maxi tank dress! Ultimate lazy day clothing.

x x x

Valentine said...

Halston frocks are such subtle beauties. My perfect spring/summer fantasy would certainly involve frocks from Chloe and Halston. :)