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Favourite Friday.

I remember reading about Sonia Rykiel in December 2008's issue of ID Magazine and instantly falling in love. I admired and I still admire her use of colour, shape and fabrics. 

Her first boutique was opened in 1968 in Paris and this is the year that she also launched her first collection. Since then she has received multiple award and launched other Rykiel lines including a children's line in 1989, Menswear in 1990, Lingerie in 2004 & Collaborating with H&M in 2009. Sonia Rykiel is known as the 'Queen Of Knits' for her brilliant use of knitwear in every collection. Her designs have been winners on the catwalk every year and they are worn by stars such as Lily Allen and Dita Von Teese. Her use of playful colours, sheer fabric's and accessories (bowler hats, flowers and show girl style feathers for example) are what make Sonia Rykiel one of my favourite cliché designers and inspirations. 

images from vogue.com & other sites

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