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Spring Romance

No post's yesterday was enjoying some English sunshine to much. 
Without realising I have very much missed walking around in floral dresses, sandals and ray-bans whilst sitting in the sun with some good company; which is exactly what I did.

Today my t-shirt and ring have arrived (tried to take photographs but my camera really is dying and completely useless) 
Going to get set on 'Acid bleaching & Cutting' on the t-shirt today so it will be ready by my Holiday. The update on the denim is I cant find a jacket I like, Getting so tempting to cut one of my existing ones up - can't bring myself to do it yet, I'm feeling a thrift shop rummage as I'm away this weekend.

Off the fashion note my boyfriend and I made the most adorable cupcakes this afternoon, I thought I'd share these with you.

top photo: weheartit.com
bottom photo's: my own

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