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I promise to stop slating fashion items - After I have done this post. 


I know it's meant to be the next HUGE trend for footwear and yes, it was seen all over the catwalk blah blah. But really - Would you wear them? The idea of wearing them ,no matter what the designer label is, just makes me cringe a little. The word 'clog' for a start reminds me of some little Dutch town where everyone yodels and wears wooden shoes aka clogs. I know this image is wrong and that they do not look like wooden slippers. Of course they are still made out of wood and 9-10 pairs some with studs which then make them look like cheap stripping shoes. The the actual mule design of them as well - Personally just NO!

Even Alexa Chung wearing her 'Chanel's' and Katy Perry's 'miu miu's' can't make me fall in love with these shoes - Sorry.
(FYI I'm not saying i'm a fashion boff and that Karl Lagerfeld is wrong.)

various clogs - polyvore.com

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