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Anyone who knows me, maybe even anyone that doesn't know me will have popped a guess about my love affair with lipstick from bright red to subtle pinks and corals, to plum purple even into black.

 I love the stuff. I feel naked if I have to go out with out it on.
I like the old-school glamour feeling of having a grown up tube of colour to paint onto your otherwise plain lips, Rather then the dull stickiness of lip-glosses that are tacky enough in colour and finish to have been a free gift in your 'hello' magazine, or even worse just concealer smothered across your lips to the point that you no longer have any. Gross.

Across the last few season's lipstick has revealed itself again, being a beauty must-have again and again. In A/W 09/10 being a dark palette of berry colours and for the brave blues and black.  This summer the lip trend is letting you pretty much have which ever colour you fancy. Bright reds being seen at Dior, Coral colours displayed at Prada and Purple at House of Holland. The trend also entails pastels and the bolder, brighter colours such as blue and orange, So fortunately for me the trusty lipstick is a keeper for this summer.

images from various sources

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