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Roses In The Dark

My wish list for today doesn't seem to have differed much compared to others; I'm still lusting over cliché Topshop floral's and Vintage looking bags. I love the collared play suit would be cute to wear to summer BBQ's or for nights out with a good choice of accessories. The leopard print bra is also a favourite piece for wearing under sheer shirts or just alone with something high waisted - although I'm still trying to find a leotard alternative to last years D&G one. Sadly its becoming increasingly difficult. 
The YSL rings are so yummy - they almost look like sweeties for your hands. It breaks my heart that I don't own one!

Sadly my flight to Capetown tomorrow looks as if its going to have to be rescheduled which is so frustrating :(
At least I'll be around to finally welcome some new wedges into my life. 

top images: 1. Vintage  2,3,4. YSL 5. Vintage 6. ASOS.com 7. Topshop 8. Topshop 9. Urban Outfitters 10. Urban Outfitters 11. Unknown? 12. Vivianne Westwood 13. Sam Edelman 14. Topshop
Bottom images from chockershoes.co.uk

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Cate.B said...

i really love that boots!! nice blog lady!