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I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break??
Mine was full of vodka and good friends, You'll also be pleased to know I got lots of sympathy Easter eggs and a Lindt bunny - Which I am yet to eat. Looks so cute, One of my good friends also lent me a Cupcake Cooking Book. So along with my 'work-in-progress' Denim Gillet, I'll also maybe post up the Cakes.

In response to my last post, I have bought a black slough t-shirt which I'm hoping will look SUPER CUTE this summer (and on my holiday) and that it doesn't end up another victim of my online impulse shopping - hung up in the wardrobe never to be seen or even demoted to 'running wear'. 
Thinking of doing some more D.I.Y & giving the t-shirt a Balmain effect - tempted to buy a stud gun too.

net-a-porter.com £860

p.s// thanks to everyone for the charming feedback and comment's ive had from this.x

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