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avec l'amour

Morning, As I spend most of my Saturday mornings
 exploring through fashion blogs, I thought it might be time to give into the hype start my own (for the second time around - expect this time i promise to stick at it)...So welcome to my new Fashion Blog.

You might want to know a bit about me? Firstly my name is Jordan Beauchamp & I'm 18. To get the boring bits out the way I live in a small town which I can't wait to leave, I don't have a job and yes, I love fashion, art, music and everything else that is entails. 
I'm using this blog as kind of a journal for fashion and my everyday style. I guess each post will be inspired by things that inspire me from photographs to outfit's to whereeveritendsup. As a warning I'll tell you that my camera sadly broke so outfit posts won't be for a while & my writing is diabolical at the moment as it's been 2 years since I have written anything substantial. 

All of that aside, I hope that this blog inspires you and you enjoy it.   
JB x

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