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Lazy July Days in Paris

I want all of this. 
I can not wait to go to Paris later on this year. 
Hopefully building my summer wardrobe to have this kinda look,
 If I don't become bankrupt along the way. 
Because lets be honest the Miu Miu shoes & Mulberry bag belong on the wish list.

1. Oversized Alexa Mulberry Bag - Mulberry 2.  Vintage Silk Bralet - Topshop 3. Miu Miu Satin Heels - Miu Miu 4. Aran Natural Cardigan - Coggles.com 5. Necklace - Modcloth.com 6. YSL Arty Ring - Brownsfashion.com 7. Necklace - startlondon.com 8. Tights - Topshop 9. Clarks Desert Boots - asos.com 10. Socks - Topshop 11. Denim Shorts - Miss Selfridges 12. Vintage Velvet Bag - Mysugarland.co.uk

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