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Happy Easter.

Happy Easter 
So far today I haven't got any Easter Eggs which is a bit of a let down, Got told I was too old.  Which is always nice, slowly all the little treasures in life are fading away due to age - swapping themselves for phone bills; speaking of phones my Blackberry has decided it doesn't want to receive calls any more.

On a better note on Thursday I bought some really cute high-waisted denim shorts that I have been after for ages. I don't think I have taken them off or are planning to take them off for a while. I also wish I bought some of these sunglasses from Topshop . I really want some 'cat's eye' sunglasses but can't seem to find a decent pair anywhere. Hoping to buy some patterns this week so I can start making some of my dresses and awaiting on ebay for a denim jacket to attack - Having a job hasn't turned out that badly.

Images from weheartit.com & polyvore.com


Mai said...

love that pair of high-waist shorts!

FESI said...

Great blog, happy easter!

xx fesi-fashion